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About Me

Simonetta Pegorari

Simonetta Pegorari

Architect, graduated from the Politecnico di Milano University, studies at Southampton University (UK). Expert in composite materials, was among the founders of Assocompositi, the Italian association of composite materials.

For over 18 years active in the publishing industry and technical disclosure in close contact with the industry.

Organizer of Technical Conferences of international importance.

Promoter of the international competition “Carbon Fiber Design Contest”, designed to raise awareness of creatives, designers and architects use innovative of carbon fiber combined with modern technology dell’additive manufacturing.

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Technical Consultancy

⭑ Composite materials industry & Additive manufacturing
⭑ Advisory services for technology innovation
⭑ Networking, connecting people & industries

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Our Core Values

We pride ourselves for our professional diligence due to our depth of knowledge in this industry.

We’re passionate of researching as much as possible and share our experiences with people keen on expanding their business.


Our business is a passion, we work every day to enable clients to increase their business through a tailored communication.

We are fortunate enough to have many connections in the industry and are proud to be able to include them in our projects.

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Experience & Expertise

  • Strategic business planning and marketing strategy.
  • Planning and project management skills.
  • Good persuading and cross functional networking skills.
  • Involvement with major international shows including:
    • JEC World, Paris
    • Composites Europe, Stuttgart
    • Advanced Engineering, NEC Birmingham
    • METS Trade Show, Amsterdam
    • Compotec, Italy
    • Seatec, Italy
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