Technical Consultancy

⭑ Composite materials industry & Additive manufacturing
⭑ Advisory services for technology innovation
⭑ Networking, connecting people & industries

Communication and Marketing

⭑ Events organization, conferences and technical seminars
⭑ Marketing solutions for companies
⭑ PR campaigns and email marketing
⭑ Press office
⭑ Technical translations

Web Marketing Services

⭑ Creation of websites in multilingual format
⭑ Responsive and SEO-friendly website design
⭑ Preparation, care and maintenance of corporate blogs with drafting of technical articles
⭑ Social Media Management

What We Do

We provide Technical marketing, Communications and PR support for manufacturers and distributors to do more effective product marketing and increase brand visibility with targeted press release media coverage.

We have a particular expertise in marketing thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials, as well as reinforcements, processing machinery…

Our goal is to help you to deliver effective b2b industrial marketing and advertising which will add real value to your business thanks to the experience we have gained in over 15 years of work in contact with the main companies and the main international exhibitions.

Contact Us If

⭑ You require an efficient technical consultancy at affordable costs.
⭑ You need a technical writer for your blog / website / social media or printed media.
⭑ Your events, conferences or meetings require organising by a well known professional.
⭑ You have need of technical and professional translation services in English, Italian and French.

Our services are what you are looking for!